In Celebration Of My Graduation: 10 Years in 300 Words

Nearly ten years ago, I  graduated from school and was right on time for the U.S.’s first mini-recession.  There were hardly any jobs and those that were plentiful, paid pitiful wages.

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I went into freelance writing and got a few gigs but struggled as print magazines and newspapers started closing.  So I went back to looking for a real job, but there was a problem, it had been five years since I graduated and my skills looked like this to employers…

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Following the advice of a career coach, I volunteered, and found a writer’s group on Facebook looking for a virtual assistant.  I applied and imagine my surprise when they said yes.

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Being around real writers lit a fire under me and I devoted 100% of my time to writing a children’s book called, “Escape of the Dodos,” but after 40 rejections, I started wondering if I was any good?…


I discovered the business was in a flux, so this was basically the 3rd time I had trouble finding work due to reasons beyond my control.

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Then during the year of 2010, several young gay teens committed suicide after being tormented by their peers.  So I decided to write Hag and by March of 2012, I had a novel that I pitched to several agents but they all declined.

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Frustrated, I made the choice to publish it myself.  With very little money, I designed the cover and then one thing led to another…

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Now I’m an author and couldn’t be happier!

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  1. I’m so amazed by how far you’ve come! Hag is such a great book and so is Eternal Bond. One day, you will find a home for the Dodos. That is such a fabulous book, I hope you will one day find a publisher.

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