An Indie Author’s Serenity Prayer

The past few months have been rather crazy for me, so I decided to offer up this prayer.  You can share it if you like.


Oh Lord, grant me the serenity to accept the bad reviews I cannot change
Courage to look at the sales graph and the wisdom to know that success never comes easy
Lord bestow upon me the sanity to write one book at a time and humility to accept editorial changes
Don’t forget to light the pathway to my desk with guardian angels who vanquish telemarketers, needy family members and those wishing to raid the candy stash
Bless me Lord with an abundance of caffeine to help me rise in the morning and to carry on through the night
Also help me to know that this is a journey and things will only happen when they are meant to be


The Indie Author's Serenity Prayer
Pic via Pexels