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How To Get Reviewed Or Featured By Amazon

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When I began writing this post I didn’t want to include this information because there were no cases of indie authors successfully pitching to Amazon, at least none that I knew of. But there’s always a first time for everything right?  For those of you unaware of what I’m talking about, Amazon has a section on their website called, Editor’s Picks where they review and even feature author interviews.  They also have a blog called, Omnivoracious and an email newsletter that goes out to readers weekly as well as monthly. Today I’m going to show you the who and where to send your book if you want to be considered.

So Just How Do You Become A Chosen One?

I asked the kind folks at Amazon how does a book become an editor’s pick and got no response. So I went looking in chat rooms and read in this KDP Amazon Community thread which says you need to sell a lot of books just to get on their radar. However, that made no sense because several picks have been books by unknown authors.  The real reason why nobody in the indie community knows anything is because Amazon doesn’t want you to know. They get so many submissions from publicists and traditional publishers that they don’t want anymore dang books to add to their TBR pile!

Now here’s the kicker, Amazon only accepts review copies by snail mail! I was totally stunned when I heard the biggest online retailer in the world is using ye ole’ postman to pick their next big thing.  Anyway, here’s the address:

Attn: Editorial – [please insert appropriate department]

P.O. Box 81226
Seattle, WA 98108-1226
There is also an email address you can send a proposal to: This information is available on their website here.


Before You Send Off Your Masterpiece

Keep in mind you have to be sure that all your ducks are in a row. When you submit ANYTHING, make sure you have the correct editor, here is a list of all of the editors and the genres they review.  Also keep in mind, they are under no obligation to review items they didn’t request.

Important Tip: Be sure to pitch Amazon during the end of your soft launch so that you have a few reviews just in case they need social proof.

What to include in your mailing:
1. A review copy or proof.
2. A brief cover letter with an awesome blurb/synopsis.
3. Your contact information; website, blog, or email.
4. If you don’t have any online presence, create a media kit with picture, bio etc.
5. A mention of  your book’s Amazon page (the exact web address).

In Conclusion…

Before I sign off, I think I need to advise you to not get too depressed when a major company like Amazon, doesn’t feature or review your book.  The publishing industry is very competitive and it was way before self-publishing even took off.  Besides, there’s always Kobo, Goodreads and Barnes & Noble, you know, they also feature authors. Happy submitting!

Update 4/28/17:

I’ve received information that the Omnivoracious blog stats they are a trad pub blog but there is a way around this.  I talk about that in this post.