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For the past ten years, I’ve studied the publishing industry and witnessed many great strides, as well as a few setbacks. When I decided to self-publish my first book “Hag” in 2014, I embarked on a journey that was full of twists and turns. Sure, it’s easy to publish a book but what do you do after that? Here, I hope to help self-published authors figure out things like; platform building, book marketing and publishing hacks.


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Derailed Thoughts A site for fiction authors with interviews, reviews and excerpts.

Writing By the Seat of My Pants A place where I share my self-publishing experiences and also give useful tips and advice.

Cereal Authors A story blog that was created to help authors share their work and reach readers.


What’s Write For Me a podcast for authors on BlogTalkRadio

Tea Time a podcast for authors, editors and illustrators on BlogTalkRadio

Published Articles:

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Independent Book Publisher’s Association (IBPA): Book Marketing Techniques That Don’t Work Anymore 

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