Rachel RuebenFor the past five years, I’ve studied the publishing industry and witnessed many great strides, as well as a few setbacks.  When I decided to self-publish my first book “Hag” I embarked on a journey that was full of twists and turns.  Sure, it’s easy to publish a book but what do you do after that?  Here I hope to help self-published authors figure out things like; platform building, book marketing and publishing hacks.



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Derailed Thoughts A site for fiction authors with interviews, reviews and excerpts.

Writing By the Seat of My Pants A place where I share my self-publishing experiences and also give useful tips and advice.

Cereal Authors A story blog that was created to help authors share their work and reach readers.


What’s Write For Me a podcast for authors on BlogTalkRadio

Tea Time a podcast for authors, editors and illustrators on BlogTalkRadio


Published Books:



Hag By Rachel RuebenHag: A YA novel about a girl who after the death of her boyfriend, discovers he’s been intimate with her best friend who is also a boy. Available now at Amazon, Barnes & Nobel and Kobo.





Fedelta 4Fedelta is a free serial story that I’ve been sharing on the Cereal Authors blog for the past year. It was only supposed to be a flash fiction story but these characters proved to be too complicated for that.

The word fedelta in Italian means loyalty and that’s all Cassandra Fenetti has left after her father is brutally murdered at the hands of the Cosimo crime family. Follow along as Cassandra avenges her father’s murder and restores honor to her family name.
Check out the entire thing on Wattpad or The Cereal Authors Blog.


Eternal Bond


Correct Eternal Bond(1)Coming soon in 2014, the vampire novel that brings horror back to the creatures of the night.
Infected with the Black Death, Elizabeth Rothchild believes when she closes her eyes for the final time, she will be standing before St. Peter at the Pearly Gates. Instead, she’s bitten by a vampire and reborn “Clara” savior of the damned. Entrusted with an ancient power beyond her understanding, she isn’t told of the horrors that await her. Ignorant of the demonic forces that have targeted her and the fold, Clara instead searches for a way out this hex before it’s too late.
Only when Clara’s mentor Apollonia, sacrifices a member of the fold to test her new powers does she begin understand how dangerous her situation is. With enemies both seen and hidden, it’s up to Clara to survive this impending battle.
Read the first five chapters of Eternal Bond exclusively now on Wattpad


Published Articles:

Writer’s Weekly: Before You Pay to Play: Ethical Book Promotion

Independent Book Publisher’s Association (IBPA): Book Marketing Techniques That Don’t Work Anymore 


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