Writing By The Seat Of My Pants

Rachel Rueben: The Publishing Blogger & Author

About Me

Recently,  I’ve embarked on a new journey to fulfill my life long dream of becoming a published author.  Follow along as I begin my self-publishing journey into the unknown.

Sorry, but I have nothing to sell you here.  God I wish I did!  There are no seminars, or webinars that I will shove in your face.  Also, I don’t plan on collecting your email addresses to build an email list, so your information is safe.  This blog is about chronicling my path into publication, the things I’m learning and all the complaining I do along the way!

If you want to know about where I came from and why I’m doing this, check out the “About Me” page on my author website.

If you want to contact me, you can find me on Twitter, Pinterest, or Facebook and you can even privately email me at writingbytheseatofmypants at gmail.com.  P.S. Don’t contact me about non-paying jobs, oops… I mean opportunities.  This blog, is my one and only non-paying gig.


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