Free Book!

I get a lot of questions about self-publishing like, where do I publish for maximum exposure?  Are copyrights really all that important?  What do you do if you’re publishing on a shoe-string budget?  Frustrated, I finally decided to put together a book that is filled with resources and answers to those age old self-publishing questions.  Most of these chapters (about 70% of them)  can be found on my blog.  But for those who don’t have time for that, here’s an easy to read and easy to skim ebook that is under 17,000 words.

It’s filled with common sense, cautionary tales and awesome hacks to help you navigate the treacherous indie waters.  As an added bonus, you don’t have to give your email address because I have no intention on selling you anything!  Now how cool is that?

Self-Publishing Hacks by Rachel Rueben

Publishing Hacks Book – Updated (PDF)


 Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Getting Others To Pay For Your Self-Publishing Expenses
Chapter 2: Why You Must Spend Money On Editing
Chapter 3: Where Do I publish?
Chapter 4: Ebook or Print? Don’t Worry, They’re Both A Pain To Format
Chapter 5: Cheap Book Covers That Are Professional Looking
Chapter 6: ISBNs A Necessary Evil?
Chapter 7: Copyrights: Why You Need Proof of Ownership
Chapter 8: Is Expanded Distribution Worth It?
Chapter 9: Websites: The Hub Of An Author’s Career
Chapter 10: Marketing The ABCs
Chapter 11: How To Build Your Social Media Following The Non-Douchey Way
Chapter 12: How To Approach And Pitch Social Media Influencers
Chapter 13: Cheap Advertising For Indie Authors
Chapter 14: Where To Find Beta Readers
Chapter 15: What To Expect From A Paid Book Review
Chapter 16: How To Get Your Book into the Library
Chapter 17: Assistants: They’re Not A Luxury Anymore!
Chapter 18: Book PR 101: How To Find Interview Opportunities
Chapter 19: How To Build Your Email List
*Bonus Chapter*
Chapter 20: Book Promotion: What They Don’t Tell You