Wattpad is the most popular story sharing platform on the web today with over 25 million registered users.   Though predominately frequented by teens and tweens, they have recently been expanding into the adult genres of romance, thrillers and spirituality.  Now before I proceed, I must warn you that there are over 40 million stories posted on Wattpad as of this date.  So it is getting more and more difficult to get noticed these days and this year it’s gotten worse since they started featuring bestselling authors from major publishing companies.  In other words, Wattpad isn’t a site for amateurs anymore.


If you haven’t, go to their features page, you’ll notice that there are stories that get placed in prime spots so readers can see them. Those featured authors generally get lots of views and it’s rather easy to get featured believe it or not.

Forget What You’ve Heard

Yes, the people at Wattpad say that you need to comment on other stories and post videos to get the ball rolling but that’s not the way to score views. From what I’ve observed, the key to big views are features. If you can get your story featured, then there’s a good chance you’ll get popular, very quickly. So how do we do that? I asked the community manager Gavin Wilson at Wattpad and I was told that:

  • You must commit your story to Wattpad for 6 months.
  • Your story needs a good cover between (256 x 400) pixels
  • The story should be over 30 pages although, they do consider shorter work occasionally.
  • Also you’ll need a good blurb

Now if you think you got what it takes then contact them at: writers@wattpad.com and give them time to get back to you.  It took two and half weeks to get a response to my questions but then again, this was during the holiday season.

What Exactly Should You Be Sharing?

I think Wattpad is a great place to share a short prequel to a published book. This way you’re not sacrificing too much if it doesn’t work out. Keep it short, sweet and exciting because remember, this is a younger crowd.

Another tip: You should mention any other published books and where they’re available at the end of the story.

There is small number of authors who have struck publishing deals by dominating Wattpad. Though I don’t hear those stories often, it’s no secret that agents and editors love authors who already have a built-in fan base. So Wattpad could be the place to cut your teeth if you’re an author looking to get a publishing contract or if you simply want to build up your email list.

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