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This year, Amazon finally extended their program: Amazon A+ Content for KDP which allows authors to include; images, links and even excerpts to their book’s Amazon page.  However, I haven’t seen many indie authors taking advantage of it.  That could be a mistake.  Now I don’t believe that Amazon A+ Content is going to change your life but it could increase your sales on Amazon.  And since Amazon comprises the majority of book sales for both indies as well as some major publishers, it would be foolish to ignore it.   

What Exactly Is Amazon A+ Content?

Simply put, A+ Content is content that gives further information and details about your book, it can include; images, quotes, excerpts, comparison tables, and author Q&As. You can find it in the: From the Publisher area of the book’s product page. Here’s an example from Dolly Parton and James Patterson’s book: Run, Rose, Run:

Run, Rose, Run by Dolly Parton and James Patterson


Why Bother?

A+ Content can make your book’s product page more visually appealing and more functional as a sales page.  It can separate your book from the others especially, those books that are of poor quality. Think about it, a lot of books in Amazon’s KDP program are from scammers and unprofessional writers.  So if you are willing to share a chapter or peek inside your book, you are showing people your product can be trusted and that you stand by it. 

However, not every author should use Amazon A+Content and those people include:

  • Authors who didn’t format their book to industry standards
  • Those who didn’t professionally edit their book
  • Those who didn’t use high res images

Amazon A+ Content will expose bad products and this is where authors and publishers who produce professional books will outshine the competition.  So how do you use Amazon A+ Content?  Below I’ll give a few examples of authors successfully using A+ Content.

Mark Dawson’s The Cleaner

Here thriller author Mark Dawson, uses a comparison chart and a few images for his book: The Cleaner.  In the comparison chart, Amazon allows you to add up to 6 ASINs which will link to those books.  Amazon also allows you to add excerpts or even entire chapters which James Patterson did below for his blockbuster novel: Along Came A Spider:

James Patterson’s Along Came A Spider

Author Melanie Harlow decided to add a few images along with a teaser for her book Taste:

Melanie Harlow’s Taste

As you can see, A+Content can eye-catching and informative which can help authors and publishers seal the deal when it comes to selling their books. 

Amazon’s Rules for A+ Content

I wouldn’t be doing my job if I didn’t share the rules that Amazon has laid down when it comes to using A+ Content.  

For example, here are just a few things you can include in A+ Content:

  • ASINs of your other books (up to six)
  • Images
  • Author profile
  • Q&As
  • Excerpts
  • Quotes

Things you can’t include:

  • QR Codes
  • Amazon’s logo
  • Words like: Free Shipping, Buy Now, or Add to Cart
  • Links that lead to other websites or products.
  • Your contact information

If you want to learn more you can find Amazon’s guidelines here.

Wrapping It Up

In my author groups, I asked about Amazon A+ Content and those that responded did so with disdain, saying it was: “Just more work they want us to do”.  I won’t lie it is more work, but since Amazon is actually trying to help us sell our work, it would wise to utilize any tool they give us.  After all, a little effort might go a long way.    

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